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Logi4HR provides an easy to implement standardised version of HR reporting. Logi4HR includes the essential HR management reporting functionality at a low cost with optimised benefits.

A powerful and flexible business intelligence solution Logi4HR leverages Logi Analytics to provide analysis and representation of information allowing HR users to visualise how their organisation is evolving and gain a better understanding of their workforce.

Often the basic data already exists in the HR business systems but it is time consuming and

complex to retrieve it. Logi4HR removes this barrier to the data retrieval process and allows users to extract the right information quickly and visually so that they can easily make decisions giving HR its strategic focus.

How it works

Logi4HR enhances the analysis and reporting of information held within HR systems.  Leveraging its years of business intelligence expertise, Tagra’s knowledge enriches the powerful transactional databases of these systems and their comprehensive data by providing a simple self-service user interface providing a comprehensive ‘live’ source of information for simple and efficient HR reporting and analysis.

Product Features

Logi4HR provides a portal with tabs for each topic and drill through reports. In total there are over 50 standard reports, OLAP cubes and dashboards which cover 7 core analysis topics :-

A. Absence

B. Payroll

C. Employee

D. Training

e. Recruitment

F. Pensions

G. Exceptions

In addition to the above reports Logi4HR provides a comprehensive corporate HR dashboard with user configurable ‘widgets’ to ensure you include the data you need to present. Each of the above modules also contains a dashboard, this too is customisable by selecting from a ‘widget’ palette to configure and display the data you require.

Mobile data access is becoming more important. Logi4HR can also display its data on a wide variety of mobile phones and tablet devices; iPhone, iPad and all Android devices are supported. Annotation of the data views is available for commentary feedback to the central data.

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