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Fast, Effective and Easy-to-Use Analysis

Sales Analytics

Key Features:

Based upon your existing Sales ERP content configuration ensures rapid, hassle-free implementation

Give your people a view of the sales pipeline in greater depth than ever – ensuring you capitalise on every opportunity

Deployment, maintenance and day-to-day operations are integrated, automated and simplified

The Sales Analytics Appliance is an easy-to-use solution that lets users drill down and through different reports, as well as distribute them in multiple formats – from PDF’s to spreadsheets.

Based upon your existing Sales ERP content configuration; pre-constructed application connectors and a business intelligence layer with packaged reports and analysis ensures that implementation is hassle free. As the appliance transforms the data, it adds value by deriving additional business information and key performance indicators that don’t exist natively in your ERP. Both transactional and summary level data is stored in the data warehouse element of the appliance, allowing you to drill down and extract the details.

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