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Business Intelligence

About Business Intelligence

First and foremost, Tagra is focused on delivering the best business intelligence solutions to companies like yours. Accurate, relevant and timely information is vital for any company to survive and prosper – something that takes increased impetus in the current tough markets. The challenge facing many companies in today’s business environment is generally no longer sourcing data, but instead extracting useful information from corporate databases. Tagra are excellently placed to help you do just that. Run more efficiently, make more informed decisions and drive your company forward.

Although Tagra focuses on a few core products we are not tied to any one vendor and can aid you in your usage of business intelligence regardless of how you wish to do it. We use your information to create cubes that allow you to drill from top level management data right down to front line product sales, HR figures and much more. With Tagra you really can make the most of what you know.


Microsoft Business Intelligence solutions are available as part of the familiar Microsoft Office and Microsoft SharePoint Server products and built on the powerful Microsoft SQL Server platform. Your employees often use office productivity tools such as Microsoft Excel to pull together and analyse data to help make daily decisions. Employees can continue to use the tools they prefer, while giving the IT department the ability to monitor, manage and govern the data and solutions that end users work with. This ensures that the integrity of data and the stability of the system can be maintained.

Logi Analytics gives IT professionals the fastest way to create BI applications, deploy scalable dashboards and reports, and embed analytics into existing applications – all for a fraction of the cost of other solutions. The “OneClick” deployment model within our agile BI technology, a feature of our 100% Web-based architecture, means that a single application can be simultaneously deployed to any type of device or to any combination of platforms. desktops, tablets, and phones can all be served with a single application, and without the need for client applications. Logi Analytics’ agile BI technology allows organizations to rapidly develop, refine, and adapt BI applications that serve any number of users on any platform, all without extensive development or professional services.

As IBM Cognos partners we can help you in your utilisation of the Cognos products, including the important upgrade to Cognos 10, with the full support and backing of IBM Cognos. Our highly trained consultants are specialists in the use of the Cognos system and can help you make the most of its capabilities.


Complimentary Reporting Consultancy Day

Tagra is currently offering a free, no-strings-attached reporting day for anyone who wishes to experience first-hand what our years of experience can bring to their business. You can use the day to sort out a problematic management report or perhaps even create one from scratch. You can do this without a commitment to engaging with us further, we offer this in the hope we impress you enough to make you consider Tagra when further BI problems arise further down the line. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more details.

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