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IBM Cognos is one of the leading BI vendors in the market. Both Cognos 8 and Cognos 10 are extremely powerful reporting tools designed to cater for even the most complex of requirements. Cognos allows you to create and distribute highly functional reports for your enterprise in a web browser. As a company, we benefit from being IBM reseller and support partners for 10 years and can therefore give you full support in your use of the Cognos system with the backing and expertise of IBM.

Our decade of experience encompasses the legacy Cognos reporting and analysis products Impromptu and PowerPlay, these products continue to provided operational reporting in many organisations. Tagra has the knowledge to help if you have lost the skills through staff changes or if the existing vendor does not adequately support your needs.

Some of Cognos’ most important aspects include its easy to use graphical interface that allows users to create their own reports in a controlled environment; its ability to export to alternative formats such as text files, formatted spread sheets and PDF files; its strong security model which facilitates the administrator in controlling exactly what information users can access, along with a host of other essential features.

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