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Key Features:

Straight-forward, user friendly and informative

View important analysis as a snapshot, or drill down for further insight

Pre-built solutions for a multitude of software types

Also available on mobile devices for on-the-move analysis and decisions

Dashboards are one of the simplest and most user friendly interfaces in which to view your companies’ important information. Designed with ease of use in mind, dashboards provide quick and simple information to let you know exactly how well you’re doing at a single glance, from minute to minute. They track the inherent flex and flow of your business, showing only the most relevant information to you, but also allowing you to drill down into more detail if you so wish.

Dashboards give users the prospect of self-service advanced filtering, analytics and data exploration from within a browser. This allows them to find answers to questions and the root cause behind the performance statistics. Thanks to digital dashboards, it is possible for a manager to monitor the performance of many departments within the company and if any negative trends arise they can be corrected as quickly as possible. Best of all, it saves you valuable time by acting as a replacement for running multiple reports by simply retrieving the exact data that you need to know.  All the information you need will be displayed, up to date and on demand.


Because these capabilities ship as part of Logi Analytics, Microsoft SharePoint Server or Cognos business intelligence tools, you can utilise current investments to deploy dashboards and scorecards broadly across your organisation, while benefiting from ease of central management and administration. Mobile Dashboards are available on iPad, iPhone and Android devices.


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