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Extract, Transform, Load

Data Warehousing

Key Features:

Create queries and reports with minimal technical knowledge

Bring data from various sources into one manageable repository

Generate both current reports and reports from a previous point in time

About Data Warehousing

At Tagra Management Systems we implement large-scale corporate data warehouses by creating an architecture framework and by designing data marts. Data marts describe a specific business area. This may be sales, finance, HR or even board level analysis of all areas.

The benefits of our data warehousing services are to create an environment where a relatively small amount of knowledge of the technical aspects of database technology is required to write and maintain queries and reports.

The Technology

Microsoft SQL Server offers a complete database and ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) tool in the form of Integration Services. This allows data from many disparate sources to be combined into a single repository. Using business rules and data cleansing during the ETL process, we are able to deliver accurate solutions that mirror the way in which clients analyse their business.

This makes it easier, on a regular basis, to query and report data from multiple transaction processing systems, from external data sources and from data that must be stored for query/report purposes only.

We can provide a repository of "cleansed" transaction-processing systems data that can be reported against, without having to modify corporate systems/data in order to facilitate effective reporting.  We are also able to make available a repository of data from a longer span of time than can be efficiently held in a transaction processing system with the ability to generate reports "as was" as of a previous point in time.

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