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Planning Server - Key Features:

Planning Server is an enterprise-class application for supporting management processes. Fiscal Planning Server is the part of Microsoft Office Business Intelligence suite that supports the processes that relate to business planning and management reporting. With Fiscal Planning Server, business users can define, modify, and maintain logical business models integrated with business rules, workflows, and enterprise data. Business workers can interact with and continuously contribute to the business processes of planning, budgeting, and forecasting in the familiar Microsoft Office Excel environment. They can build, customise, and share production-quality reports from Excel while being connected to a secure and centrally managed server each having traceability, audit and roll-back data recovery.

You can design your own Excel Worksheets which can retrieve and post (write-back) to the Fiscal database using simple buttons, this data is immediately available to all collaborating users. Reporting is web base, the drag and drop interface enables users via their security profile to create ad-hoc reports and dashboards, these can be exported with 100% fidelity to Excel (PC Client or Excel Web Services) removing the need for additional formatting.

Additional Features:

● Have a clear insight into project and financial information using Consolidation in Fiscal

● Collaborate with Human Resources to make informed staffing decisions

● Create accurate high-level plans instantly by automatically spreading increases and decreases across all your planning periods using up-to-date data pulled directly from Ledgers

● Manage your budget and planning to actual information, access data from your general ledger with ease and drill back to data at its source

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Planning Server for Higher Education

Leveraging the Planning Server capabilities outlined, Planning Server is idea for:-

● Budgeting & Forecasting

● Reporting

● Pay Planning

● Student Numbers and Income Planning

● Course, Module & Research Costing


● Strategic Planning

● Business Intelligence and Analysis

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