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Social Housing Management Reporting

Social Housing Management Reporting (SHMR)

is a template housing  data warehouse that can be configured to capture data from leading Social Housing applications (ie, Capita, SDM, Aareon, CHICS, Civica, Orchard, MIS etc..) your Financial system and other sources to provide reporting and analysis capabilities which are not available from traditional Housing software. The solution is available as a standalone data warehouse or with a suite of reports (our reports use Microsoft Reporting Services). SHMR has 350 standard reports written using Microsoft Reporting Service. SHMR is available either as the data warehouse, or with the optional report pack. You can also write your own reports using tools such as Cognos, Business Objects, Crystal, Logi Analytics.

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Additional modules such as Budgeting & Planning, Performance Management and Inventory Demand Planning are available to expand management reporting. By leveraging Microsoft Business Intelligence, SQL Server and Sharepoint we deliver a comprehensive and fully integrated management reporting solution.

One of the benefits of Sharepoint is its versatility; it provides both a portal and a secure repository for data that would normally be held in spreadsheets, people’s heads or distribution lists in Outlook. SHMR can use this information in reports or to contribute data to the data warehouse. Sharepoint enables reports to be scheduled and distributed automatically to users, additionally event driven data-subscriptions can send out a report on alert criteria. One of our clients has the system check every 15 minutes for data changes and emails key users a new report or advises them that data input is required.

Our optional report pack leverages the powerful capabilities provided by Microsoft ‘Report Builder 3’ (which is free with SQL Server); you can report from our data warehouse or  combine data from a number of external data sources. One of our existing customers has many disparate sources, these include Oracle, SQL Anywhere, SQL Server, Sharepoint Lists, Excel spreadsheets etc.

Data quality is a key attribute in any management reporting solution, SHMR maintains a watch on key data attributes and each morning emails the data owners advising ‘green’ if data is good, or ‘red’ if data is suspect or bad. Reports with audit trails and alerts are automatically issued daily via changes made to user lists.

A user recently commented that SHMR enables reporting that is not practical from the housing application transactional data source. By flattening out the data, the warehouse vastly simplifies writing reports. For example a report that took 3 minutes to run and has 15 data tables in the Housing application has 4 tables and takes 3 seconds to run in SHMR. Another user  said its “Easier to write reports, easier to navigate and easier to search for reports”.