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Logi Info

Logi Info business intelligence  is a single integrated web based platform that includes reporting, analysis, data integration and dashboards for both IT & business users. It is licensed on a Server basis  providing unlimited users to enable wide-scale deployment without the worry of how much your next user will cost.

Your office based and mobile users need meaningful, actionable dashboards and reports  that let them drill-down through their business information, communicate ideas more effectively, add insight to business metrics, and make better, pro-active decisions

In addition, your dashboard developers and IT staff need a dashboard platform that works with your existing technology, connects to multiple data sources, and is customisable enough to satisfy your organisation’s unique dashboard and reporting requirements.

Logi Ad Hoc

Logi Ad Hoc is a self-service reporting application you deploy, not something you have to build. It comes out-of-the-box with wizards to quickly connect to your data, tools to help you make data user-friendly, a report management & collaboration portal for your end-users, and a security & administration console for IT.

Logi Ad Hoc offers your end-users all the tools they need to create interactive, and highly visual reports. Dashboards, heat maps, dynamic charts and graphs, sorting and filtering options are among the many features. For example:

Step-by-step query and report builder

User-defined data columns and summary rows

Pre-defined and ask-in-report parameters

Customisable and multi-dimensional tabular reports

Animated and static charts and graphs

Multiple style and formatting options

Reporting Portal for easy management, scheduling, and sharing

Folders to organize related reports and dashboards

Schedule reports to be delivered at various intervals and in multiple formats

Archiving to view old reports and shared folders for report collaboration

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